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The AI Element

Jul 24, 2018

As AI seeps into every industry, businesses are being forced to adapt. Old school industries may not be as lean or quick to pivot as startups, but they have access to a motherlode of funding and data. Still, red tape and outdated infrastructure may block them from the timely AI transformation they need to stay afloat tomorrow.

Alex Shee speaks with serial AI entrepreneur JF Gagné about this tension between startups and more corporate environments. Then, 15-year veteran of the insurance industry Natacha Mainville shares some real-world examples of how AI is flipping the industry on its head, forcing incumbents to keep up.

Featured in this episode:

  • JF Gagné, CEO of Element AI
  • Natacha Mainville, Chief Innovation Officer at TandemLaunch

Mentioned in the episode: